Neither with you only do I make this covenant and this oath; But with him that standeth here with us this day
before the Lord our God, and also with him that is not here with us this day
—Deut. 29.14-15.

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Commissioner to the Westminster Assembly.

Sermons & Speeches:

A Scotch Antidote against the English Infection of Arminianism.







An evident demonstration of the avowed

Arminianisme, Poperie, and tyrannie of

that faction, by their own confessions;

With a postscript for the Personat Jesuite Lysi-

machus Nicanor, a prime Canterburian.


  1. The delineation of the whole subsequent Treatise.

  2. The Canterburians avowed Arminianism.

  3. The Canterburians professed affection towards the Pope & Poperie in gross.

  4. The Canterburians Join with Rome in her grossest Idolatry.

  5. The Canterburians avow their embracing of the Popish heresies and grossest errours.

  6. Anent their Superstitions.

  7. The Canterburians embrace the Mass itself.

  8. The Canterburians maxims of tyranny.

A Post-script for the personate Jesuit Lysimachus Nicanor.





Of the


Wherein  the Tenets  of  the  principall

Sects, especially of the Independents, are drawn to-

gether in one Map, for the most part, in the words of

their own Authours, and their maine principles

are examined by the Touch-stone of

the Holy-Scriptures.

The Epistle Dedicatory

The Preface

  1. The originall and progresse of the Brownists

  2. The Doctrine of the Brownists.

  3. The originall and progresse of the Independents, and of their carriage in New-England.

  4. The carriage of the Independents in Holland at Rotterdam and Arhnheim.

  5. The Carriage of the Independents at London.

  6. An Enumeration of the Common Tenets of the Independents.

  7. It is unjust scrupulosity to require satisfaction of the true grace of every Church Member.

  8. Concerning the right of Prophesying.

  9. Whether the power of Ecclesiastick Jurisdiction belongs to the people, or to the Presbytery?

  10. Independency is contrary to God's Word.

  11. The thousand yeares of Christ his visible Raigne upon Earth, is against Scripture.