Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth.—Rom. 8.33

Act for remembring in publick prayers the de-

ſires of the Aſſemblie to the King and Parlia-

ment, and indiction of a publick Fast.

TrueCovenanter.com Editor’s Note.

This act of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, for a Day of Public Fasting in 1642, is taken from the original printing of “The Principall Acts of the Foure Generall Assemblies of the Kirk of Scotland” dated 1639-1642.  As it directs an entire nation to prayers for particular causes, the reader should consider the subsequent history as illustrating how the Lord was pleased to answer the prayers of the nation and church of Scotland in 1642.  Particularly the Solemn League and Covenant and its Reformation agenda and results should be seen as part of the Lord’s answers to these prayers.

In the following transcription, non-standardized spelling from the original publication has been retained.


THe Generall Assembly being desirous to promove the great work of Unity in Religion, and Uniformity in Church-government, in all thir [these] three Dominions, for which the Assembly hath humbly supplicat the Kings Majestie, and remonstrate their desires to the Parliament of England, lest they should be wanting in any meane that may further so glorious and so good a Work: Doe ordain, that not only the said Declaration to the Parliament, and supplication to the Kings Majestie, shall be accompanied with the earnest Petitions and prayers of the whole Brethren in private and publick, for the Lords blessing thereunto, according to the laudable custome of our predecessors, who in the year of God 1589. ordaines that the Brethren in their private and publick prayers, recommend unto God the estate of the afflicted Church of England: But having just cause of fear, that the iniquities of the Land, which so much abound, may marre this so great a Work, doe also ordain a solemne Fast to be kept on the second Lords day of September, and the Wednesday following throughout the whole Kingdome for the causes after specified.

  1. Gross ignorance and all sort of wickedness among the greater part, security, meer formalitie and unfruitfulnesse among the best, and unthankfulnesse in all.

  2. The sword raging throughout all Christendome, but most barbarously in Ireland, and dayly more and more threatned in England, through the lamentable division betwixt the King and the Parliament there, tending to the subversion of Religion and Peace in all the three Kingdomes.

  3. That God may gratiously blesse the supplication of the Assembly to the Kings Majesty, and their motion to the Parliament of England, for Unity in Religion, and Uniformity of Kirk-government, and all other means which may serve for the promoving of so great a Worke, and advancement of the Kingdome of Christ every where.

  4. That God may powerfully overturne all wicked plots and designes of Antichrist and his followers, and all divisive motions against the course of Reformation, and the so much longed for Union of the King and Parliament.

  5. That God may blesse the harvest.