Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth.—Rom. 8.33

[True Christian Love: A Poem by David Dickson.]
True Christian Love.

By David Dickson

[Dear reader, please excuse the inaccuracy of a some of the scripture references. The original work from which this poem was taken was full of a great many errors due to the translation to Roman numerals from a previous edition, and some references are entirely invalid. In order to prevent further delay, we are making the poem available as follows. If anyone would like to note corrections and send them to us (true_presbyterian@truecovenanter.com) this would be greatly appreciated.—True Covenanter.]

I have a heart for love, so then,
I cannot choose but have
A love that can give full content,
the least is I can crave.
Psalm 4.6,7. I want not suitors, and they all
have agents still with me,
1 John 2.15, Who promise that which I do seek,
16,17. but sure I know they lie.
Though honour height to lift me up
and Mammon me to serve;
1 Tim. 4.7. Yet their attendants skars me not,
nor makes my heart to swerve:
Pale fear, dusk envy, care, and toil,
with other ill hew'd wights,
Wait for my service if I need
their masters, O what sights!
The only thing like to prevail,
was match'd unto my mind;
Eccl. 1.2. When fancy busk'd my party with
perfections of each kind:
But now I see that fancy is,
not really as it seems;
No earthly love can give content,
all loves but Christ's are dreams.
Then why want I contenting love,
since Christ's love may be had;
In whom is all that I do seek,
or can be thought or said?
What other loves do seem to have,
is truly in him found;
Cant. 5.10. The scatter'd beauties of them all
in him are jointly bound.
What they do lack and cannot have,
because they finite be;
'Tis infinite in him it stands
for ever still: O he,
He, he is only worthy love,
and nothing else but he.
Alas! that vanity so long
hath so bewitched me.
Why heard I flatt'ring idle words,
why did I partly keep?
Why suffered I affliction,
to sink me so asleep?
Psalm 73.22. How went I on so foolishly,
and kept so oft their tryst [meeting],
As if false loves could be found true
and had no mind of Christ;
No, not when Christ was suiting me,
and they found oft untrue,
I stuck still in the bonds, and could
myself no ways rescue.
Psalm 73.23. Yet good and wise Lord Jesus Christ,
did still pursue my love;
He knew, tho' I refus'd, my heart
was his, he could me move.
Cant. 8.4. And now 'tis done, my love is thine,
Lord Jesus come receive
This whorish heart, and suffer not
my soul hence to deceive.
Then shall my suitors all me serve,
but thou my love shalt be.
They shall be mine, not I theirs, else
they shall not follow me.
Thus shall I have advantage twice,
and blest shall be my lot;
I'll get my lovers goods and love,
above theirs, well I wot.
A love that will not me despise,
though I unworthy be,
Cant. 15.1. Tho' vile and loathsome, yet will he
Ezek. 16. not loath, but pity me;
Tho' fickle I, he will not change,
Mal. 3.6. his constancy is known,
James 1.17. Of change, no shadow is with him,
he loves for ay his own:
Job 13.15. When I, for want of wit and strength,
Psalm 103.8,9. offend and do confess;
He will not chide, but pardon me
my faults both more and less.
1 Cor. 10.16. He will not charge upon me lay,
more than I well may bear,
But will my burdens, as I need,
support, I do not fear,
Hab. 3.25. No wrath at others will cause him,
unpleasant be to me;
No slanderer will get his ear,
to hear of me a lie.
Isa. 17.45. He will not misconstruct my words,
he will not angry be,
Psalm 103.5. Nor fret without a cause, nor frown,
nor fitch a fault falsely;
1 Pet. 4.9. Nor mark my ways so narrowly
as nothing to pass by.
His love will hide my sin, in love,
faith safely may rely.
He will not waste his heritage,
nor will himself disgrace;
Psalm 89.22. No foes can hurt him, and their spite
he turns upon their face.
John 13. His love to other saints shall not
work prejudice to me,
More than the sun's light unto all,
doth hinder me to see.
No causeless jealousy will vex
at any time my mind.
Isa. 30.21. But if he see my heart go wrong,
Rev. 2.19. I know he is so kind,
As to admonish and rebuke,
and chasten if it need,
And so save me from perishing,
too oft deserv'd indeed.
Gen. 12.3. If I be sad he will be loth,
yet more to vex my heart;
Numb. 24.9. If any other will do so,
'gainst them he'll take my part.
And those that grieve me, he will grieve,
and curse them, more or less
That curseth me, so will he those
that bless me, surely bless.
Job 5.29. If trouble set about me round,
Psalm 61.15. he will not me forsake,
Nor leave me comfortless alone,
but pity on me take.
1 Pet. 4.17. And if he hide his face a while,
as wisdom oft requires,
James 1.3. He doth but exercise my faith,
and sharpen my desires.
And if he seem to stay well long,
that I become so dead
As I can neither say nor sing,
nor meditate nor read,
Nor do ought else that might assuage,
heart pangs in such a case;
But sigh and drop, and hang my head,
long looking for his grace.
Utt'ring but broken words or none,
perplext with thoughts confus'd,
Suggestions whisper all the while,
as if I were refused.
John 5.14. Yet still his gracious hand doth me
support with secret strength,
Isa. 2.3. And makes me in these deeps not drown,
but brings me through at length.
Psalm 56.8. Mean time he keeps my scatter'd words,
and failing those my tears,
In books and bottles, and takes course
to rid me of my fears.
And feeling both my words and tears,
he marks each woeful groan;
And feeling those my sighs and all
the parcels of my moan.
Psalm 120.2. Yea, when I sit astonished,
my lifted hands and looks
Speak all my mind to him, as if
it written were in books.
For he doth search the heart and knows
what is the spirit's mind;
And as its fit, gives answer to
needs cry in every kind:
And look how sharp these trials are,
their fruit is far more sweet;
Rom. 8.17. His countenance compenseth all,
Psalm 20.5. with one blink when we meet.
Psalm 4.7. For he doth make my heart more glad
Psalm 34.21. than any tongue can tell,
Psalm 76. Tho' grief was great, yet joy is now
more sweet than grief was fell.
For judge ye, whosoever felt,
what weight in sin was grief,
In mind opprest, what anguish is,
when th'soul sees no relief.
What torments in perplexity,
what horror in God's wrath;
What hell is fear'd eternity,
at losing of his breath.
And presuppose a soul were sure
to dwell at last above,
Prov. 13.12. In heav'n with Christ, yet know ye not
Psalm 22.42. what languor is in love?
Psalm 6.6,3. What sickness in deferred hopes,
24. and 7.8. what battle without foe?
What trouble when God hides his face,
and seems us to forgo?
Now judge again, when weights are lift
grief, anguish, torments gone;
For wrath, death, hell, eternity,
of fear now there is none:
But in their place the heart lift up,
life, light, and rest is come,
Felt love, peace, victory, heart's health,
and Christ's Sp'rit in all sum.
Judge when your much provoked Lord,
himself shows reconcil'd,
If with the joy that then is felt
a heart may not be fill'd.
Now what can others' love do here,
to souls in such a case,
John 15.13. But add more grief, and make the vail
more thick to hide Christ's face,
Then other loves, all get you gone,
or else take servants' place:
Too hard conditions were for me,
Psalm 64.10. for you to quit his face,
For one hour's joy in him is more,
though mixt with dreary tears,
Than all earth's honour, pleasure, wealth,
can yield in many years.
Psalm 116.7. Now let me rest and rouse my love,
who first me lov'd and chus'd,
Gal. 2.20. And long call'd for my worthless love,
and would not be refus'd.
I'll seek his love as he sought mine,
and learn of him to love,
Since he invites I cannot miss,
though whiles he shall me prove.
My love's his Father's eldest Son,
John 2.18. his Father, King of kings:
His heritage is heaven and earth,
Dan. 2.47. and in them both all things.
Psalm 2.8. His wisdom laid the world all round,
Heb. 1.2. and parted sea and land,
Prov. 8.22. Earth's body thro', as veins, he drew
the waters with his hand.
He made the sun and stars so swift,
yet not be seen to move,
Lest man on earth had vexed been
with motions from above.
His strength upholds this weighty globe,
and yet which is far more,
He bare our sins and heavy wrath,
deserv'd of us therefore.
2 Cor. 1.20. For truth, God's promises in him
are all, yea, and Amen:
For love, his death for us a proof,
sufficient hath been.
For justice, he can do no wrong;
for mercy there is none,
Or shall in hell be, who have sought
for grace thro' him alone.
Deut. 2.31. 4. Most lofty and most lowly mind,
most good and most severe.
Isa. 57.15. Most lovely and most terrible,
Matt. 11.29. do all in him co-here.
The meekest lamb to all his friends
a lion to his foes,
He gives his peace to all that comes,
wrath follows all that goes.
No foe can stand before his face,
no fugitive can flee.
Mal. 3.2. No lurking hole can hide from him,
Psalm 139.7, his eyes do all things see.
8,10,11,12. Almighty, all where present, tho'
Rev. 4.7. his body heaven contain,
Matt. 28.20. Eternal God, tho' he as man,
man's property retain.
No robb'ry for his majesty
his Father's match to be,
The Father's Godhead and the Spirit's,
and his are one, all three.
Phil. 2.6. Therefore when I do love the Son,
1 John. 5.7. I love the Father too,
And so the Sp'rit who dwells in him,
to all I worship do.
Gen. 3.22. He is the tree of life to me,
Gen. 24. and so to all his own.
John 5.14,15. No fiery sword debars us now,
all we for friends are known.
Gen. 2.32. In him my Sabbath is begun,
Heb. 4.10. he teacheth me to cease,
Gen. 2.10. From mine own works, and lead me to
his rest by steps of peace.
Flood branch'd in four, to water all
new plants of paradise,
Redeem'd and holy, making them,
and righteous, and wise.
Tho' we have slain him, but his blood
speaks better things for us,
Gen. 4.11,12. Than Abel's crying curse; but his
cries, Lord be gracious.
Tho' wrath should overflow the land
as with a new deluge;
Gen. 6.10. Or fire consume the earth, yet Christ's
safe ark is our refuge.
For now no wrath unmixt with love,
shall of his own be felt,
Because God in his sacrifice,
Gen. 8.21. the smell of death hath smelt.
Gen. 9.31. And as the bow in cloud is pawn
Isa. 54.9. of not returning flood;
So is that off'ring constant pledge,
of our eternal good.
True Isaac offered up for me,
not minted at, but slain;
Most Isaac like in this escape,
tho' slain, he rose again.
Sweet Joseph by his brethren sold,
by our means made to serve;
He hath provided well our food,
lest we thro' want should starve.
Heb. 2.14,15. From Egypt's bonds, and slav'ry
'tis he that sets us free,
1 Cor. 10. 'Tis he that doth prepare our way,
thro' floods and raging sea.
That Prophet rais'd like Moses true
Heb. 2.1-3. but fruitfuller than he;
He law and curse, and types of good,
John 11.17. Christ, grace and truth gives me.
2 Cor. 3.6, My duty Moses shows, but strength
&c. none can he give to do;
Heb. 7.16, But Christ by teaching gives me life,
&c. and will, and action too.
The priest that offered only once,
and pacify'd for ay;
And needs not, Aaron-like, repeat
his sacrifice each day.
For Aaron's offering oft did prove
his off'ring unperfect;
But Christ's, because it perfect makes
God still our sins to quit.
Heb. 10.14. In him all laws and types are fill'd,
Heb. 7.12. in him they have an end;
No further use of them, since God
did Christ their substance send.
No priest by office now on earth,
no proper sacrifice,
No altar of materials,
no fixt place of service.
John 4.27. The tent where God dwells bodily,
the temple where the tryst
Is set, for meeting of our God,
Heb. 10.2. &c. as reconcil'd in Christ.
He ark with ready angels cled,
he mercy seat of God
Access and oracles of peace,
giving to us abroad.
Numb. 17.7. By him the wither'd rose bears fruit,
with him is manna hid;
The law in him lies clos'd from speech,
except through mercy's lid.
By him my prayers are perfum'd,
Heb. 7. and smell as incense sweet;
By him my cup is furnished,
and table fill'd with meat.
The priest, the altar, and the lamb,
the laver washing all;
And what else any rite did sign,
he fills up great and small.
Col. ix. 17. The judge that rids his people from
all adversaries hand;
Our kindly king by whom we may,
possess that promis'd land.
To all his subjects affable,
above all earthly kings;
His basest servants have his ear,
at all times in all things.
He is the church's dearest love,
and therefore must be mine,
Tho' I be base, yet will his grace
Isa. 17.15. to be my love incline.
Oft hath he prov'd his love to me,
and will not now decline;
Oft hath his love much sweeter been
Cant. 2.2. to me than finest wine.
Oft hath the preaching of his word,
in straits and fears of death,
Cant. 1.2. As sweetest kisses been to me,
convey'd with lively breath.
Cant. 2.5. Oft hath his apples hunger stay'd,
Cant. 2.3. my thirst his flagons quench'd;
Oft hath his shadow me refesh'd,
as herbs by dew bedrench'd,
Oft in his love withdrawing he,
from bed hath made me rise,
And seek him long before I found,
to make me after wise.
Cant. 4.2. And when we met, his wrath was gone,
he call'd me spouse betroth'd,
And washing me by pardon, said,
my fair love, tho' self-loath'd.
Now fairest love, let my soul say,
Cant. 11.3. who made me clean but thou?
Cant. 3.16. Who made a child of wrath like me,
Hos. 2.3. stand reconciled now?
What makes me lovely but thy love,
that set the price on me?
Whose beauty makes me fair but thine,
what have I not from thee?
My exaltation is come,
to be a child of God,
By thy descending to be man
and some whiles here abode.
Luke 1.35. Thy clean conception and birth,
proves thee to be the tree,
Where out from Adam's filthy stock,
I imped clean must be.
Thy manger makes my bed more soft
thy stable makes me inns,
Luke 2.16. Thy banishment home brings me where
my country people wins.
Matt. 1.12. Thy wisdom in thy childhood hides
my youthful foolish toys;
Thyself devoting unto griefs,
is ground of all my joys.
Thy emptying, my fullness is,
thy meanness me promotes,
Thy hiding of thy royal state,
a kingdom me allots.
Phil. 2.7. Thy servant's shape, and service done,
from service sets me free,
And bondage of proud Satan's yoke,
and sin's strong tyranny.
Luke 3.23. Thy lurking thirty years unknown,
Matt. 13.16. for ever makes me shine,
With glory far above the reach
of subtillest engine.
Thy name inroll'd in sinners book
by baptism, makes my name
To be inroll'd among the saints,
ev'n those of greatest fame.
Thy off'ring suretyship for me,
to God at Jordan's bank,
Hath freed me from my sin and hell:
well's me, and God I thank.
Isa. 8.18. I hear thee say to God, Behold
me, and my children all.
I hear the Father answer thee,
I love you great and small.
I hear thee say, take me for them,
let me their burden bear;
I hear the Father cry, Content,
Isa. 55.5. come, children, come and hear.
Come hear the covenant between
me and my dearest Son,
Come give your heart's consent thereunto,
and then your bargain's done.
I hear thee say, Man's due is death
I'll do thy will O Lord,
My soul and body both for theirs
Psalm 4.8. let suffer, I accord.
I hear my Father's voice from heav'n
Matt. 3.17. cry, Lovely Son art thou:
These, and all this, (and what was I?)
are thine, I'm pleased now.
I hear him say to all and me,
go hear my Son and live.
He drew, I came, they welcom'd me,
and life, I feel, do'st give.
Now take me with thee, where thou wilt,
Psalm 61.1. for we must never shed,
In faith my soul is glued to thee,
lead me as blind are led,
Cross Satan's teeth, if our way lie,
and cross each other so;
To priest, to bench, to Golgotha,
Matt. 27.33. lead me and I will go.
But lead, and leave me not, or else
I cannot miss to fall;
If thou do hold me in thy hand,
I fear no foe at all.
Thy combats make me not amaz'd,
Rom. 8.31. for what could make me woe;
Matt. 8.31. Thy victory my conflict makes
to be with vanquish'd foe.
Matt. 4.1. Thy going to the wilderness
brings me to saints city;
Thy fighting all alone makes me
fight in thy company,
Matt. 4.1. Thy being tempted forty days,
all my days makes me sure.
Heb. 2.18. Thy presence help and comfort shall
with tempted me, endure.
If by some wrong mean I be tempt,
Matt. 4.3-5. to fill my nature's lust;
Of God to tempt, neglecting means,
under pretence of trust.
To help or hazard life some way,
which God will not allow;
I see thee still before me Lord,
my helper here be thou.
'Tis true my flesh doth grieve to think
what may thy saints befall;
What horrible suggestions
and blasphemies withal;
Matt. 1.4,8. What shapes and apparitions,
by night some, some by day,
Yea power of this flesh; yet thou
has us'd my fear to stay.
Most dangerous of all methinks,
when Satan, God to scorn,
In false religion worship craves,
Matt. 3.6. and hides both hoof and horn.
And angel-like, in same man's mouth,
bids to some image bow;
And worldly motives brings, thy truth,
to cause me disavow.
Matt. 1. In this case, Lord, give light, that I
may Satan bid avoid;
For thousands here for fault of light,
gull'd have been and destroy'd.
To free me from this ill, I know,
new trouble shall me breed,
And make the world me persecute
with spite, in word and deed.
But so I may thy truth retain,
and still adhere to thee.
I fear no persecution,
nor wicked's injury,
More hatred can I not, than thou,
no more despised be;
More charg'd with bitter calumnies,
nor after get the lie.
More scorn'd and mocked in my fate,
more followed at the back;
Luke 23.11. Finger and tongue shut forth withal
Psalm 12.17. murgeons that mockers make.
John 1.1. Less welcome where I offer love,
less thanked for good deeds;
Worse entertain'd in my country,
worse furnish'd in my needs.
More friendly handled by my friends,
and those of mine own blood,
Than thou was, I, yea, nor can be
who suffer shall for good.
What can befall me which did not
before befall to thee?
What more desir'st for righteousness
can I expect to be?
Matt. 8.20. What lodging less, than lie thereout?
what harder bed than rocks?
What sharper rest, than not to sleep,
or to prevent the cocks?
What scant or want, more than to have,
no penny in my purse,
Matt. 7.27. Among such people as me hate,
and in their heart me curse?
What greater hunger than to fast,
and when 'tis time to eat,
To send and buy some coarse piece bread,
and get no other meat?
John 4.5. What greater drought than want a drink,
in journey at mid-day?
And for a drink of water call,
and hear one say me nay?
What spoil of goods more than to strip,
John 4.5. me to the naked skin,
And in my sight divide my clothes,
and then to scorn begin?
Matt. 2.37. What danger more than present death,
John 8.58. by stones lift up to cast;
Luke 4.20. There steep down rocks, here man adjudg'd,
to be thrown down, made fast.
Matt. 26.57. What banish'd can I more be than,
for life chaf'd here and there,
Without a hold to hide my head,
which even to beasts is rare?
What prison worse than fall in hands,
or persecuting priests,
Thirsting like wolves for blood of saints,
to grace their godless feasts?
Matt. 26.69. What judgment more unjust than find
my party sit as judge,
And still the less fault he can find,
John 18.22. the more at me to grudge?
And if I speak a modest truth,
Isa. 50.6. to smite me on the face,
And pull the hair off head and cheeks,
and all me to disgrace.
Matt. 27.29. What torments more than pricks thrust in
one's head fourscore at once;
Yea all the flesh with scourging rent,
and nothing safe but bones.
And those so racked in all joints
and sinews none go free;
Matt. 27.25. But legs and arms asunder spled,
hung up and nail'd on tree.
And what may seem to be untouch'd
thy tender bowels all,
So burnt, as slock'ning welcome was
by vinegar and gall.
All this thou suffered, Lord, and more,
than any can express:
Matt. 27.4. Why should I then be fear'd for such
like suff'rings more or less?
Thou came to witness for the truth
and so must all thine do;
Thou came to suffer for the truth
and so must all thine too.
Matt. 16.24. None follow thee except they be,
content thy cross to bear;
2 Tim. 11.2. None crown'd shall be, except they will
for truth thy liv'ry wear.
The truth is limit to thy word,
thine and none others saw;
John 5.39. Thy Scriptures meaning thou wilt have
my rule and thy full law.
O that I were inclin'd to do
what duties there are nam'd;
1 Pet. 4.16. Then when I suffer'd for thy truth
I could not be asham'd.
Matt. 15.19. And suffer must we, else do wrong,
when men from age to age,
To chop and challenge thine ordinance
run headlong in a rage:
Psalm 119.116. And by their own traditions,
do make thy precepts void;
Urging their own will more than thine,
so have thy law destroy'd.
Matt. 15.9. But thou, Lord over all, declares
such worship to be vain;
And e'er we yield, thy jealousy
wills rather we be slain.
Yea, we do but a needless work,
and weaken little ones,
Matt. 18.16. And choose our urgers should us sink
in deep seas with millstones.
Psalm 56.4. Then strengthen, Lord, my faith in thee
that flesh I do not fear;
But fear may only thine offence,
whose love thou bought so dear,
And since thou hast me bought so dear,
why may I not be sure,
John 1.15. That love which made thee pay my price
shall steadfastly endure?
If I should lean to my free will,
or strength, I could not stand;
Oft had I perish'd if my life
had lien in my own hand.
I wonder not at such as lean
to their works, will, or strength,
Fit others for, and make themselves
apostatize at length.
For such do not deny themselves,
and so not follow thee;
I chas'd am to thee for refuge,
and so preserv'd must be.
Chac'd souls are sensible of sin,
and sensible of wrath;
Matt. 19.21 And fly from both to thee for life,
Heb. 6.8 and in thee draw their breath.
How then can such not persevere,
and so be sav'd at length,
Whom thou dost empty of their own,
and fills with thy fresh strength?
John 6.37. These are the souls that come to thee,
whom thou wilt not cast out.
These souls are drawn and driv'n to thee,
whom thou must save no doubt.
John 17.9. These are thy sheep for whom thou prays
John 20.28. for whose life thou didst die;
Whom liars shall not long deceive,
whom none can pull from thee,
John 6.39. These did thy Father give to thee,
with his express command:
Son, see thou lose not one of those,
I'll crave them at thy hand.
Ibid. Keep them, and make them persevere
and lead them all the way.
Thro' life and death, and raise them up
to glory at that day.
Thou dost except this charge, & pawns
thy honour, charge to keep;
Psalm 12.1,4. Our faithful shepherd, well I know,
not slumber will, nor sleep.
Heb. 9. These sin and law chas'd souls, thou counts
Rom. 8.9. true Isaacs all to be;
Rom. 8.17. Children of promise styling them,
Titus 1.1. and heirs annex'd with thee.
Rom. 8.9. These God's elect are, whom he hath
predestinate of old;
And in his counsel hath decreed
to save, as he hath told.
Whom to assure of endless life,
by his unchang'd decree,
Heb. 6.18.. His truth and oath he laid in pawn,
Heb. 6.12. in which he cannot lie.
And swore by his eternal self,
for greater there was none,
That of his elect company,
there should not perish one.
And though these souls, like ship on sea,
may fearfully be tost;
And whiles may seem close overwealm'd
Isa. 54.11. yet none such shall be lost.
Their anchor lies within the vail,
Heb. 6.19. no wind can make it drive:
It lies where thou art landed, Lord,
and where we shall arrive.
Rom. 1.28. Now who saith that the elect ones
for all this perish may,
And that thy saints of purpose call'd,
from thee may fall away?
And looses us from leaning on
the strength of thy right hand;
Matt. 7.24. They draw from building on the rock,
and bid us build on sand.
They say Peter and Judas are
alike belov'd of thee;
And that they both for gifts receiv'd
alike beholden be.
Matt. 16.15. As Judas for his perishing
may wyte [blame] the love of pelf [lucre];
So Peter his free will for life,
may praise and thank himself.
They say thou know'st not who are thine
1 Tim. xxi. 10. of none they make thee sure;
They say the Lord's foundation
doth not ay firm endure.
They say thou chooses some to-day
and cast them off the morn;
Heb. 6.16-18. They make thee like vain man to be
and do thy council scorn.
John 17.9. They make thee pray for thine elect
Rom. 7.34. and not get thy request;
Heb. 7.25. Yea tho' thou for them live for ay,
Rom. 8.16. to intercede as priest.
God's elect to whom he gives right
to be his sons and heirs,
John 16.28. They make them want sure right to have
the heritage for theirs.
The saints till death seduc'd may be
and sheep pull'd from thine hand,
Whom God thee charg'd to keep and guard,
to say they do not stand.
Heb. 6.18. Thy word, thy oath, thy covenant,
they make no certainty;
Faith's anchor they make drive, they speak,
in substance blasphemy.
They make the merchant nothing wise,
and very short of thought,
John 10.11. Who pay'd the price, and was not sure
to have what thou hast bought.
Yea, so unwise as for thy sheep,
thine own life not to spare;
Whom thou may lose, tho' so dear bought
John 13. such foolish blocks are rare.
O wicked thought be far from me,
Rom. 8.10. I know thy love doth last;
Rom. 5.8. And whom of purpose thou dost call,
thy grace doth hold them fast.
Who thou dost love, for them thou dy'd
that they, thro' thee, might live.
Thy love, thy ransoming in heav'n,
all jointly thou dost give,
John 4.16. And whosoever hates his sin
and sets his love on thee,
May be assur'd thou lov'd him first,
and for his life didst die.
Now, Lord, thou know'st I hate my sin,
and seek to have it slain;
John 11.17. Thou that know'st all, know'st I thee love,
and feels it not in vain.
Then, Lord, my love thou wilt allow,
Gal. 2.20. that I apply thy death;
Psalm 116.17. And by that means persuaded rest,
to be exeem'd from wrath.
And well I wot the ransom is,
sufficient enough,
Me to redeem from hell, and imp
me in thee as thy bough.
Rom. 4.5. For me thou emptiest thyself,
and stood in Father's law.
Phil. 2.7. For me thou emptiest thyself,
And stood in Father's awe.
Gal. 3.24. For me thou took on thee the curse,
and felt thy Father's wrath;
Matt. xxix. 33. For me oft plunged was thy soul,
and heavy to the death.
For which I sinfully did laugh,
thou mourn'd and wept full sore;
For pleasure taken in my sin,
through grief oft didst thou rore.
For mine ill deeds thou silenc'd was,
and knew not what to say;
Mark xvii. For mine ill words thou, Lord, was bound,
condemn'd, and led away.
Thy ditty were each one my wrongs,
against both God and man;
Thy sentence was my due desert,
for sins whereto I ran.
These lashes laid upon thy skin,
these stripes and all thy wounds,
John 12.27. Were for my soul's wounds made with sin,
O love, how thou abounds!
O thus, my love, to see thee sad!
O thus, to see thee weep!
Matt. 16.8. O thus to hear thee groan and pant,
and cry with sighs cut deep!
O agony! O fearful sweat!
O tears! O bloody drops!
Luke xxviii. 24. How mingled down from cheeks to feet,
and chasing other hopes?
To see my love for love of me
on bloody shoulders bear
Matt. xvii. That cross, that curse, that growing wrath
and trembling thus for fear.
To see almighty God so weak,
life's fountain thus to die;
Matt. 26.45. With shame and pain o'ercharg'd till heav'n
wond'red, and all for me.
Woes me for all my sins; woes me
for roots of sin so long;
Which have so long time grown in me
Rom. 7.4. and like to stick so strong;
Oh, help my love to have them slain,
oh, here revenge thy death;
Oh, on this ill avenge me too,
which wrong'd us both so hath.
Well's me, I wot thou wilt anon,
grant this, and each request;
Anon our joy shall perfect be,
anon our marriage-feast.
John 16.23. For as thou dy'd for me, for me
Rom. 5.24. so also didst thou rise,
1 Thes. 4. And reign as God, and shall me fetch,
so makes thy word me wise.
Cant. 5.10. Fond lovers tell me now if you
Cant. 5.16. have any love like this;
Come take a share with me, my love
wholly spiritual is.
Come, change your love, and love with me,
or else you perish shall;
Go charge your loves to do the same,
or perish shall you all.
2 Cor. 16. God's curse on him that loveth not,
my love, Lord Jesus Christ;
Eph. xxii. Or loves not them that do love him,
this curse with death keeps tryst.
Acts 2.24,4. Behold, this is my love, yet if
he could like your love die.
Rev. xxiii. All these excellencies of his
should work my misery.
2 Cor. 19. Or yet if I by death should be,
depriv'd of this my love;
All that is said or can yet more,
were nought to my behove.
But now my love shall never die,
his days shall never end;
Rev. 1.1. His life shall eternize his love,
Heb. 1.1. his life to love doth tend.
2 Cor. 13.14. And I by death shall have no loss,
my love shall then be more,
Both mine to him, and his to me,
blessed be God therefore.
Yea and because I cannot live,
and bruik his love beneath,
My chariot to eternal life,
death he appointed hath.
2 Kings 2.11. Therefore till death his love shall be
the best part of my life;
In him I'll strive 'gainst baser loves,
and death shall end the strife,
Only, my Lord, still pity me,
and tarry not too long;
Rev. 22.20. My sp'rit and flesh cry, Come, Lord come,
death shall renew my song.