Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth.—Rom. 8.33








The First Parliament of King James VI., 1567. — National Establishment of the Reformed Religion.

Act anent securing of the Covenant, Religion, and peace of the Kingdom, 7th of February, 1649.

General Assembly of the Church

An Act for remembering in the publick prayers the desires of the Assembly to the King & Parliament, and indiction of a publick Fast, 1642.

An Act of General Assembly for censuring observers of Yule-day or Christmas, 1645.

Directions concerning Secret and Private Worship... With an Act ... for censuring such as use to neglect Family Worship, &c.

Act for Censuring Ministers for their Silence and not speaking to the Corruptions of the Time, 1648.

Commission of the General Assembly & Committee of Estates

Acts, Ecclesiastical & Civil, respecting the Authorized Version of the Metrical Psalter.

Declaration at West-Kirk, 1650, concerning the Stating of the Quarrel, etc.



The Second Parliament of King Edward VI., 1548. — Chapter 29: An Act against Sodomy.

The Declaration of England and Scotland joined in Arms for Defence of Religion and Liberty, 1643/1644.01.30.

An Ordinance of Parliament for the Ordination of Ministers pro Tempore, 1644.

Acts of Parliament in Second-Reformation England Against Blasphemy & Heresy, 1646 & 1648.

The Netherlands

National Synod

The Sentence of the National Synod of Dort concerning the Doctrine of Conradus Vorstius, 1619.

The Estates General

The Decree Banishing Conrad Vorstius, 1619.

The Declaration of the Decree against certain Arminians, for their Perpetual Banishment, 1619.